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We invest in strong entrepreneurial teams

First Venture invests in strong entrepreneurial teams in technology, health and sustainability. A strong entrepreneurial team is crucial to the success of a startup.

The team

Meet our Team

Our team has collectively long, relevant, and unique experience in investing in both listed and unlisted companies in technology, health, and sustainability.


Value-creating investments

A key factor is to develop a sustainable product and business model that is closely linked to customers. It is the customers who ultimately assess the benefits and value of the product.

An entrepreneurial team that has developed and launched the product often needs to be developed and supplemented with new members during the commercialization phase. The same goes for the board. Business development becomes a priority for both the board and management, with clear objectives, strategies and business models needed both internally in the company and for external communication.

Our focus

Aiming for future innovation

The investor team at First Venture, led by First Venture founders Rune Nordlander and Peter Werme, collectively have long, relevant, and unique experience in investing in both listed and unlisted companies in technology, health, and sustainability.
The future in our hands

The best ideas

We look for the best ideas. First Venture's team evaluates hundreds of companies per year.

Ready for future challenges

The entrepreneurs

An entrepreneurial team is crucial to the success of a startup. So we at First Venture spend a lot of time evaluating an entrepreneurial team before finalizing the investment.

Co-investing added value

Early on

First Venture has been the first institutional investor in many companies. However, this is not a criterion for investment and in many cases First Venture co-invests with other local and international venture capital investors.

Swedish innovation, Global Vision


First Venture invests in Sweden-based companies with products or services that have global potential.


Investment Strategy

First Venture believes that technology has an extraordinary power to transform industries and improve people's lives. We invest in pioneering companies in digital technology, health and sustainability that have a strong vision and a clear sustainability profile. Our investment strategy is focused on identifying and supporting startups and companies that have the potential to revolutionize their industries and create positive change. We believe in being a catalyst for progress and in making investments that not only provide good returns, but also contribute to a better future for society.


Three megatrends

First Venture is dedicated to focusing on technology, health and sustainability. These three megatrends will continue to drive society and business.


Minority ownership

First Venture seeks minority stakes in its portfolio companies to ensure appropriate incentives for entrepreneurs.


Growth companies

First Venture focuses on companies that are at the brink of or are in strong growth curve.


Long-term Partner

First Ventures has a structure and philosophy that allows us to be truly long-term in our investments.

Investment Timing

When the time is right for investment

First Venture focuses on investing at the bottom of the "Valley of Death". It is a challenging period for companies where reversing the negative cash flow trend is a possible, but not easy task. To survive this phase, companies need capital to develop and expand their teams and strengthen their sales and marketing resources. First Venture sees this as a promising opportunity to invest as there is less competition and potential for higher value growth.

Valley of Death

The Valley of Death is the lowest point on an aggregate cash flow curve and shows the typical economic development for a startup or scaling company.

Right timing for investors

By combining an investment in a company currently in the Valley of Death with an infusion of capital and know-how, the company is well-positioned for rapid value growth.

Right timing for Entrepreneurs

The typical situation with the Valley of Death occurs just before a company's product or service is commercialized. At this point, entrepreneurs are the most open to active investors.